These hand-made magnets are little art prints that you donít have to frame, and that you know right where you are going to hang when you get them. Fade-proof printing, plastic coated for durability.  $5 each.

Magnets are 2-3 inches, individually made by the artist. Expect variations in size, shape and color.  Lifetime warrantee replacement.

The Donut Fairy
Coffee Angel
The Decaf Fairy
The Espresso Fairy
The Coffee Fairy
Coffee Dragon

Coffee Fairies


Notes on the cats: These are images created on my computer, and all but one are portraits of real cats. The mama cat was fostered by Purrfect Pals, and I watched her little family grow up on the Kitten Cam. Grant is the stripy kitten grown up a bit, and recovering from frog leg syndrome.  Ash and Yuri are also Kitten Cam graduates. Sales of these magnets support Purrfect Pals and the Kitten Cam. The shy kitty was one I met at the Botanical Gardens.  He allowed me to take a few pictures, then darted away.


Kitty in the flower bed


Mama cat with four kittens


Ash, kitty with the whiskers


Yuri, the Space Kitten


Shy Kitty

Cat magnets


Grant, Kitten Cam Darling

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