To buy from Unseen Gallery at our wholesale prices, please submit a scan of your business license, resale certificate, or other evidence of your retail business.

You can order by mailing a check, or by requesting a Paypal invoice.

Coloring books:

Minimum order is 10 books, they do not all have to be the same title.  Suggested retail price is $10 (or $9.95), wholesale is $5. Order 25 or more, and get them for $.4.50 each. 


Minimum order is 15 magnets, of any combination of images. Suggested retail price is $5.00. Wholesale is $2.50.  Order 30 or more and get them for $2.00 each.

If you would like to order magnets with your own image, the prices are the same. E-mail or call (505) 232-2161 for image requirements.


Two-inch buttons retail for $1, and wholesale for 50 cents.  Minimum order is 48.  Order assortments: general, sci-fi, raunchy, philosophical, or weird. Custom buttons (black on colored paper only) are the same price. 

Full color buttons, using our image, or yours, are 60 cents wholesale. There is no setup charge.  E-mail or call for image requirements.

Shipping is currently free on all wholesale orders.  (if you want a truckload, please check before ordering.)

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